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TRUST in a Welcoming Illinois

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago believes that our communities deserve to be safe, and that our families should not be torn apart by deportation. That’s why we organized to support the Illinois TRUST Act, signed into law by Governor Rauner on August 28, 2017, which enhances public safety and prevents collaboration between local police and ICE agents. 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago is a co-convener of the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois, which led the campaign to pass the TRUST Act. 


The Illinois TRUST Act sets reasonable, constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE enforcement, and fosters trust between local police and immigrant communities.

  • Local police cannot comply with immigration detainers and warrants not issued by a judge. Federal courts have consistently held that immigration detainers are not mandatory. These courts have ruled that detaining an individual based on a detainer, without a judge finding probable cause to hold that person, violates the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution and can subject the law enforcement agency to lawsuits.
  • Local police also cannot stop, search, or arrest anyone based on that person’s immigration or citizenship status.
  • Local police can still act upon a valid enforceable federal warrant, and can still otherwise communicate with ICE.

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