Celebrate Our Communities with the #BeSeenBeCounted Campaign

It’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and with the increase in anti-Asian racism during the pandemic, it’s especially important this year for our communities to come together, shift the narrative, and celebrate our identities! Join our campaign to help Asian American Pacific Islander communities:
  • BE SEEN – uplift our communities and showcase our diversity, traditions, and values
  • BE COUNTED – encourage our communities to  participate in the 2020 Census to receive resources and representation for the next 10 years

How to Participate
  • Answer the following prompt in the form of art (including, but not limited to: drawings, poetry, video, photography, fiber art, etc)

How do you envision the future for yourself and your community?

How to Submit
  • Post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag Advancing Justice-Chicago on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Describe the inspiration behind your art and use the hashtag #BeSeenBeCounted
We’ll also be selecting several pieces to be part of our online gallery!

Click here to view the gallery

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WBEZ: For Non-English Speakers, Language Is A Barrier During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our director of organizing Grace Pai spoke with WBEZ about our work to strengthen language access in Illinois, and how the pandemic has highlighted the need for long-term solutions.
“For every new initiative, the city or the state announces … whether it’s rent assistance or just any new policy encouraging folks to stay home, that information is not necessarily getting deep into immigrant and refugee and limited English proficient communities,” said Grace Pai, director of organizing at Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago. “It’s extremely important that when someone, who is limited English proficient, needs to seek health care that they’re able to do so in a way that just offers them dignity in that experience … so that they can clearly communicate their symptoms and what they’re going through,” Pai said.

See the full story here.

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice Condemns New Immigration Ban


Asian Americans Advancing Justice Condemns New Immigration Ban

Though there are exceptions, the message is clear that immigrants are not welcome

CHICAGO, IL – Last night, President Trump signed a presidential proclamation suspending the majority of immigrant visas into the United States for the next 60 days under the guise of protecting American jobs. In particular, family reunification and diversity visas are shut down, and the President has indicated that the ban could be extended. Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an affiliation of five civil rights organizations, releases the following statement: “Trump’s new immigration ban is an attempt to distract from his failed response to COVID-19 and manipulates the pandemic to justify his and Stephen Miller’s white nationalist agenda. Congress designed our immigration system around the value that families deserve to be together, and family-based immigration is responsible for many of the strong, vibrant, and diverse Asian American communities today. As 92% of Asian Americans are immigrants or the children of immigrants, Asian American communities will be greatly impacted by this ban. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents will not be able to reunify with their parents, adult children, and siblings. (more…) Read More

Chicago Reader: Andy Kang’s Op-Ed, “We Don’t Have to Prove Our American-ness”

Our executive director Andy Kang penned an op-ed in the Chicago Reader that addresses the patterns of racist rhetoric that have had dangerous consequences in our country’s history, and how we can prevent history from repeating itself as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold.
The COVID-19 pandemic has created many more opportunities for us to tackle racial injustice. What is happening now has highlighted the deadly consequences of centuries of anti-Blackness and unaddressed health and economic disparities for the African American community, while at the same time flushing out the dormant anti-Asian xenophobia in our society. This is a moment for Asian Americans to actively build solidarity with Black communities to confront two sides of the same problem: the legacies of white supremacy that are hurting our communities. Instead of showing our “American-ness” in the face of racism, Asian Americans, and all Americans, need to step up and unite around an undying commitment to achieving real racial justice in our country. I pray Chicagoans will lead the way.

Read the full story here.

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