Request for proposals: Assessment of Advancing Justice network capacity





The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from consultants experienced in community engagement, policy advocacy, campaign management, and coalition development to assist Asian Americans Advancing Justice (“Advancing Justice”) with an assessment of the Advancing Justice affiliation’s current community networks and to make recommendations on building out its capacity to support community-based organizations in large-scale mobilizations and effective participation in national issue-based campaigns.


In 2013, united by their desire to increase the impact of their advocacy, four of the nation’s largest and longstanding independent Asian American social justice organizations formed the Advancing Justice affiliation. Today, with presence on both coasts, the Midwest and Southeastern U.S., five affiliated organizations work together—as equal and independent partners under one name, speaking with one unified and powerful voice—to promote justice, empower Asian American communities, bring local and national constituents together, and strengthen America’s multi-racial democracy. The affiliation’s members are: Advancing Justice – AAJC (Washington, D.C.), Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus (San Francisco), Advancing Justice – Atlanta, Advancing Justice – Chicago, and Advancing Justice – Los Angeles.

Reporting directly to the Executive Director of Advancing Justice – Chicago and working closely with a small group of staff representing several of the Advancing Justice affiliates, the consultant will provide expert guidance through (1) evaluation of the current capacity of the affiliation’s existing organizational networks (national and regional), as well as comparable community-based networks; (2) recommendations on capacity and structural needs for the affiliation’s networks; as well as (3) recommendations on how to more effectively support and engage the affiliation’s community-based networks in large-scale mobilizations or national issue-based campaigns.


Specifically, the Advancing Justice affiliation is seeking a consultant to assist a working group of Advancing Justice staff in evaluating capacity-building needs around engaging networks and to complete the following tasks:

1. Mapping and assessment of existing affiliation networks, how they have been used, and identification of the successes, strengths, and challenges of these networks based on tangible evidence or examples.

2. Assessment of the community organizing, mobilization and civic engagement capacities of organizations in the affiliation’s networks.

3. Mapping and assessment of a handful of other comparable national networks, including their orientation, structure, and impact in mobilizing impacted communities to action, including areas of overlap with the affiliation’s networks. If possible, this would also include some assessment of the community organizing, mobilization and civic engagement capacities of organizations in these networks.

4. Recommendations on design and structure of the affiliation’s networks and for capacity-building of community-based organizations to more effectively engage in large-scale mobilizations or national issue-based campaigns.

We envision that this will be a three to four-month, part-time consultancy, with flexibility in the location of the consultant.


Please email a resume and brief statement of interest, including a description of the consultant’s anticipated methodology, perspective, and philosophy on engagement and mobilization of community-based organizations around shared campaigns and program initiatives to with “Advancing Justice Network” in the subject line. If available, please also share any relevant case studies or examples of similar work.

Candidates selected from the first round of written applications will be invited to participate in a conversation where we will provide more detail about Advancing Justice’s specific needs and then ask for a fuller written proposal including:

1. A clear explanation of how the consultant will address the tasks to be completed;

2. A list of project deliverables to be created with a detailed timeline for each deliverable and overall project completion; and

3. A budget that breaks out fees and anticipated expenses.