KINETIC Art Gallery: November 15, 2019



SAVE THE DATE: Friday, November 15

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.


This year’s KINETIC art gallery, “Re: Title – Alone Voices Fear To Belong, Alone Voices Together Are Strong,” will showcase art and performances by immigrant and refugee youth as a form of powerful storytelling to reclaim the narratives placed onto them and their families, and shift the narrative to show our power and build solidarity. The gallery will also explore the topic of Title VI which prevents discrimination on language basis and origin, while providing an opportunity to learn and get involved with KINETIC’s language justice campaign work.

Re: Title will touch upon the concepts of the many titles that we are given in our community and how the youth are taking an initiative to change the perspective and re-title them.

Join us for the gallery opening on Friday, November 15. If you know any immigrant and refugee youth artists, forward them the Call For Art.