Month: June 2013

The Story Of Asian America

I had an opportunity to lead a session for Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago’s 2013 Impact Fellows Program today, and as always, it was great to hear how people react to terms and ideas that have been swimming around my head for a while. We talked about the term Asian American, and in broad strokes touched… Read more »

Indian Bar Association Panel on Immigration Reform

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago legal director Andy Kang participated in panel about Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) and what’s at stake this summer for the Asian American community. The remarks included the urgent need for all Asian Americans to voice their opinions on CIR to their U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives. In particular, he noted the… Read more »

CIR Strategic Session

Advancing Justice-Chicago Manager of Civic Engagement & Campaigns Reema Ahmad attended the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights CIR strategy session with legislators today. Community leaders met to celebrate wins this past legislative cycle on: temporary driver’s licenses, immigrant services budget, parent mentors, and Hepatitis B education and outreach. The work is not over… Read more »