Month: March 2022

Advancing Justice Affiliation Redistributes Funds to Partner Organizations

In 2021, amid a national reckoning with anti-Asian racism and violence and a deeper understanding of the systemic solutions we need to live safely, the Asian Americans Advancing Justice affiliation was fortunate to receive an influx of one-time donations from individuals, companies, and foundations. The Advancing Justice affiliation is redistributing $3 million to 68 organizations spanning 15 states, as well as $600,000 to the Emergency Victims and Survivors Fund in Georgia.

Community Remembrance Day Brings Collective Healing

On a cold afternoon in Horner Park, the collective heart of the Asian American Chicagoland community was beating together – we gathered to remember the six Asian women whose lives were lost on March 16, 2021  in Atlanta. Approximately 100 people came together to remember the victims, honor their memories, and share a moment of quiet reflection with community. More than passing grief or a moment in the news cycle, the event commemorated those womens’ lives, ensuring their story continues to be told.   

Remembering March 16 and A Call for Reflection and Action

March 16 will be the one-year anniversary of the murders of eight people, including six Asian women employees at spas in the metro Atlanta area. As the organization that led the rapid response efforts to directly support victims, survivors, and their families, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Atlanta is welcoming partner organizations and the public to join in a community remembrance day on Saturday, March 12 and observe Wednesday, March 16 as a sacred day for quiet reflection.