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Top Headlines


Asian American Leaders Demand that City Council Draw an Asian American Majority Ward in Greater Chinatown in Final Citywide Map

As City Council plans to vote on a final citywide map this week, Asian American leaders urge the Council to draw an Asian American majority ward and protect Asian American communities of interest in Albany Park and West Ridge. 

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Asian American Racial Justice Organization Denounces Decision to Increase Policing and Surveillance in Wake of Tragic Death of a Chinese Univ. of Chicago Alumnus

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago is holding a press conference on Monday, November 22, to show Asian and Asian American solidarity with the Black community and support for public safety for all communities in response to recent gun violence.

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Asian American Leaders Call on the Latino Caucus to Include an Asian American Majority Ward

The newly released proposal stops short of drawing Chicago’s first Asian American majority ward, despite Census data showing it is possible.

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From Our Leaders

"We understand that language barriers affect our community’s ability to access the services that we need. We believe that our language ability should not be viewed as a flaw but a strength."

— Zubeda, I Speak Power leader