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Board Spotlight: Mark Anthony Florido

Board director Mark Anthony Florido shares why he is passionate about achieving racial equity for all

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Welcoming City Ordinance is a win by-and-for our communities

Our five year effort to amend the Welcoming City Ordinance was a campaign of humanity – one that recognized that no matter someone’s history, layering deportation on top of an already flawed and racist criminal justice system is a discriminatory and wrong. These amendments illustrate that police accountability is possible and necessary, and we have an opportunity to build upon this important victory.

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JOB POSTING: Community Organizer

We are seeking an individual to fill the I Speak Power (ISP) Community Organizer position to be primarily responsible for building a powerful base of adult English language learners in the South Asian community. The Organizer will incorporate civic education and organizing training into regular workshops for adults with moderate to advanced English comprehension in order to build deep individual relationships and cultivate grassroots leaders.

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From Our Leaders

"We understand that language barriers affect our community’s ability to access the services that we need. We believe that our language ability should not be viewed as a flaw but a strength."

— Zubeda, I Speak Power leader