Advancing Justice | Chicago and the Just Democracy coalition support Automatic Voter Registration

AutoRegVoting is a fundamental right and part of what makes America great. Our democracy works best when everyone makes his or her voice heard on election day, but unfortunately not everyone is, thanks in part to our outdated voter registration system. In the last presidential election, its estimated that over a million eligible voters tried to vote but were turned away because of registration problems.

We can do better. Over the past several years, Illinois has taken significant steps to modernize and improve voter registration and election administration. We should continue this process and work towards Universal Registration where every eligible voter is on the rolls, only eligible voters are on the rolls, and the state takes responsibility to build the rolls and automatically updates voters’ records where possible.

The next important step we can take towards Universal Registration is Automatic Voter Registration. Automatic Voter Registration means using reliable information already in state databases to register eligible citizens to vote or update their voter registration status. When an eligible voter interacts with a state agency like Driver Services, they would be automatically registered to vote unless they take action to opt out. In 2015, California and Oregon became the first two states to adopt Automatic Voter Registration.

There are many reasons to support Automatic Voter Registration (AVR):

  • AVR greatly expands access to voting. AVR promises to add many more eligible Illinois voters to the rolls, making it more likely they will participate in elections, strengthening our democracy.
  • AVR makes our voter rolls more accurate and secure, by more frequently updating records when voters move, and by eliminating duplicate records. More accurate voter lists better insure the integrity of our elections.
  • For many of the same reasons AVR is more accurate, it is also more efficient and over time will save taxpayers a significant amount of money.

The Just Democracy Coalition supports an AVR policy that:

  • Is enacted in all state agencies covered by the National Voter Registration Act (Driver Services, Human Services, Health and Family Services, Employment Security, Aging),
  • Takes appropriate steps to ensure non-citizens are not accidentally registered,
  • Maintains key privacy protections, and
  • Includes pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds so that their registration becomes active when they become eligible by age.

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