Advancing Justice Condemns President’s Pardon of Arpaio and Directive to Implement a Transgender Ban


Brandon Lee
Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago
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Advancing Justice Condemns President’s Pardon of Arpaio and Directive to Implement a Transgender Ban

Washington, D.C. — On Friday, August 25, President Trump continued to side with racists and bigots by pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio — who had been convicted of criminal contempt in a case involving racial profiling of Latino immigrants — and continuing with a military directive to implement a transgender ban. While the White House also announced the departure of controversial advisor Sebastian Gorka, who promoted white supremacist views, the other actions on Friday indicate this administration is charging ahead with its divisive agenda.

In response, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a coalition of five civil rights organizations, issues the following statement:

While we welcome the news of Sebastian Gorka’s departure, we cannot applaud the administration. The White House should never have had an advisor who openly promulgated white supremacist views.

And in its other actions, the White House continued its new legacy of hate. We condemn the President’s actions directing the implementation of a military ban on transgender individuals — a move motivated purely by bigotry.

And we are outraged that late on Friday, President Trump pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sending yet another dog whistle to white supremacists. Arpaio was found guilty in July of criminal contempt for ignoring a federal court order to stop racially profiling Latinos. During Arpaio’s 24-year tenure as sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona, he terrorized Latino communities, often detaining individuals without a warrant or criminal charge and in detestable jail conditions. Arpaio used the power and resources of his role to systematically discriminate against immigrants and he violated the constitutional rights of the people he was sworn to serve and protect. President Trump’s disregard for the rule of law and the judiciary continues his dangerous pattern of placing himself above and beyond democratic systems of justice.

America is under attack by an administration driven by white supremacy and bigotry, which seeks to diminish the rights of communities of color and other vulnerable populations. We are appalled at President Trump’s rapid race to roll back our nation’s values of liberty and justice for all and we will continue to stand strong with all targeted communities and fight for the justice they deserve.


Asian Americans Advancing Justice is a national affiliation of five leading organizations advocating for the civil and human rights of Asian Americans and other underserved communities to promote a fair and equitable society for all. The affiliation’s members are: Advancing Justice | AAJC (Washington, DC), Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus (San Francisco), Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, Advancing Justice – Atlanta, and Advancing Justice – Chicago.