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Keeping Our Stories Alive

Refugee stories are often told as ones of courage.  But I have to confess that I don’t often think of my own story in the United States as one of courage.  Confusion and fear, sure – but not courage. In honor of my family’s 30-year anniversary of being in the United States, I started thinking… Read more »

How to Channel Your Inner Mentor

Should I be mentoring others?  Do I have enough expertise in my field to be a leader for others?  Should I be giving advice and leading youth to make life long decisions?  How can I best impact the lives of others with the skills and knowledge I have? These are some of the questions that… Read more »

New media, new stories?

What is it about the instant thrill of provocative headlines running across your Twitter/Facebook/Pinterist/Instagram feed that persuades you to click on it? Maybe it’s breaking news, a name that you recognize, or a memorable image? When the phrase new media became commonplace enough that old media was embracing it, it became clear that character limits… Read more »

“Linsanity”: Lifting off in a Theater Near You

The fall season is by far my favorite time of year, when what I call the “Big 3” of American sports are firing on all pistons. The NFL season is in full swing, MLB playoff fever brings intensity and potential drama to every game (except for my beloved White Sox), and the NBA season launches… Read more »

Movement Music

John was known for his legendary work ethic. He could be found crafting manifestos to instrumentals or pounding his soul’s meter on a MPC until the breakadawn, when immigrant dreams decompose into the aroma of buns and the rumbling of the Red line. John was/is Argyle’s son, a fierce young man spitting acetone laced truths… Read more »