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Why I like NFL Training Camp, but Love Camp Wellstone

NFL Preseason is in full effect and e-mails from friends are now circulating about playing some pick-up football to celebrate the coming season. As a former mediocre high school football player, I must confess that I hate playing pick-up football games. Sure, the camaraderie is fun with friends, but pick-up football misses the core elements… Read more »

What do Mixed Martial Arts and Voting Rights have in common?

For those of you living in a cave the last few years, one of the fastest growing sports in America is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This combat sport is most well-known by its largest promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the undisputed “big leagues.” This past Saturday, Chan Sung Jung (aka “Korean Zombie”)… Read more »

What defines you?

What defines you?  (my dreams; my passion; my music; my past and present; my future; my experiences.)  — Impact Fellows, writing about Kinetic. This summer, five of our Impact Fellows began the work of building an infrastructure for a high school youth program at two local community-based organizations (CBOs), based on our Kinetic program.  While… Read more »

Flooded Basements and Naturalization

A guest post from a 2013 Impact Fellow Thursday night my tita’s (aunt’s) basement flooded due to the neighbors kid leaving the garden hose on.  Intentional or unintentional is unclear, but that is besides the point. While helping my tita salvage items from the basement, I found a bag that had my late lolo’s (grandpa’s)… Read more »

Fright 214-Intentionality?

A guest post from one of our 2013 Impact Fellows: This past July 4th weekend, there was a horrible plane crash in San Francisco that frightened many. As many people tuned glued to the news to find out more, the focus changed from the victims and families to the inevitable racism that, for some odd… Read more »