Celebrate Our Communities with the #BeSeenBeCounted Campaign

It’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and with the increase in anti-Asian racism during the pandemic, it’s especially important this year for our communities to come together, shift the narrative, and celebrate our identities!

Join our campaign to help Asian American Pacific Islander communities:

  • BE SEEN – uplift our communities and showcase our diversity, traditions, and values
  • BE COUNTED – encourage our communities to  participate in the 2020 Census to receive resources and representation for the next 10 years

How to Participate

  • Answer the following prompt in the form of art (including, but not limited to: drawings, poetry, video, photography, fiber art, etc)

How do you envision the future for yourself and your community?

How to Submit

  • Post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag Advancing Justice-Chicago on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Describe the inspiration behind your art and use the hashtag #BeSeenBeCounted

We’ll also be selecting several pieces to be part of our online gallery!

Click here to view the gallery