A Kinetic Trainer Speaks

Hello everyone! My name is Norman and I am currently one of Advancing Justice’s Kinetic Instructors. I am stationed at Mather High School with my co-facilitator Vi working with a very diverse curriculum. Our Kinetic location is unique because it actually takes place in an actual Sociology class. This is both incredibly invigorating and challenging at the same time. It is invigorating because being able to get up in the morning and work with students in an actual class has so much potential. I personally hope that our type of osically conscious curriculum is continually offered at Chicago public schools. However, it is incredibly challenging because we, as instructors, still need to put an emphasis on engaging with each and every student. This is actually incredibly difficult in a class of over 20 students because we are limited by our 50 minute class periods. Despite this challenge, I am incredibly honored to be able to even teach and work with students. It has always been a personal passion of mine to be able to share my interest in the issues in our communities. Being able to do this in an actual CPS school, which I am an alumnus of, is unbelievable.  Working alongside other amazing instructors has also taught me to be humble and continue to educate myself and pursue my passion in learning. With an entire new year ahead of us, I am excited to see what Kinetic can bring to our communities.