Advancing Justice | Chicago responds to Rep. Mike Bost’s ridiculous comments

March 3, 2017

CONTACT: Brandon Lee

Advancing Justice | Chicago responds to Rep. Mike Bost’s ridiculous comments

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago’s executive director Tuyet Le responded to Representative Mike Bost’s (IL-12) comments:

Representative Mike Bost’s ridiculous comments draw an ignorant picture of a culture about which he knows very little. We would not entertain comments like this on the streets or in our schools, so it is even more absurd to hear them coming from a U.S. Congressman.

Additionally, “Oriental” is a racist, antiquated term, which was stripped from the Congressional Record in 2016. Ironically, among those voting in favor to remove the word “Oriental” at the time was Representative Mike Bost. (Link:

As an organization, Advancing Justice | Chicago believes that participation in our democracy is a central tenet in shaping the state and nation that we desire. That participation does not stop on Election Day, and continues with activities like attendance and testimony at town hall meetings with elected officials. In this time of heightened activity, elected officials must meet face-to-face with members of their district.


Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago has a mission to empower the Asian American community through advocacy by utilizing education, research, and coalition-building.

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