Viveka Ray-Mazumder: One of Field Foundation’s Leaders For A New Chicago

Congratulations to Viveka Ray-Mazumder, Advancing Justice | Chicago’s Manager of Youth Organizing and KINETIC, for being named one of the Leaders For A New Chicago by Field Foundation of Illinois.

More information on the award from the Field Foundation of Illinois:

Although more than 60 percent of Chicago residents are from African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American (ALAANA) communities, the city’s civic leadership does not reflect these demographics or the influence of other individuals and communities whose voices are often not heard.

The Leaders for a New Chicago award recognizes a range of established and emerging leaders who work across boundaries to build a Chicago that is responsive and equitable to all.

Based on the Field Foundation’s innovative grantmaking model of Community Empowerment through Justice, Art, Media & Storytelling and Leadership Investment, no-strings attached awards of $25,000 go to each of the 14 leaders, and an additional $25,000 goes to the general operating funds of their affiliated organizations.

As Chicago redefines itself, the Leaders for a New Chicago award will advance equity and access to opportunity. It will foster conditions that recognize and promote individuals who bring a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences to civic debate about the city’s future.

The awardees are leaders who impact the civic and cultural life of our city. Whether they are well known or on the rise, the awardees all work to achieve a vision of a more equitable and just Chicago.

Read the full press release on the Field Foundation of Illinois website.

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