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A quick bite with Billy Dec

With just 4 days to our Milestone Awards Benefit it’s time to catch up with another awardee, Chicago restaurant and entertainment entrepreneur, Billy Dec.

5 minutes with Raaja Nemani

It’s time to learn a little more about one of our Milestone Makers, Raaja Nemani, CEO and Co-founder of Bucketfeet, a company that collaborates with artists from around the world to create a uniqe product.

Catching up with Jon Cotay

One of our Milestone Award recipients this year is the group behind Akira, one of the most exciting fashion retailers in Chicago! We caught up with co-owner Jon Cotay to find out about some of his favorite things.

AAPIs and a Multi-Issue Movement Part 2

Like most kids, my world view and political analysis was almost entirely informed by my parents. I grew up with a curious sense of how race worked in the world. To my dad, we were on top of the racial hierarchy. His idea of racial order in the United States put other People of Color… Read more »