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Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois

Our state needs be doing all it can to get people to the polls. In 2014, less than 35 percent of eligible voters showed up to the polls for the gubernatorial election. More than 2.1 million citizens in Illinois were not even registered to vote.

Dr. Kathleen Yang-Clayton and the Asian American Movement 2.0 — at DePaul and UIUC this October

Dr. Kathleen Yang-Clayton, Advancing Justice | Chicago’s Acting Director is a collection of opposites. Her master’s degree is in natural resource and agricultural economics but her doctorate is in sociology. Yang-Clayton has worked in Chicago’s urban sprawl and sub-Saharan Africa. But held within her person, those disparate characteristics are clearly interwoven parts of the same… Read more »

KINETIC Art Gallery – October 8

Join us at the KINETIC Art Gallery on October 8, from 6-8pm at Royal Coffee. At this gallery, KINETIC will share artwork we have created about our immigrant & refugee youth experiences. We will also share early results from the research we did this summer on the experiences of English Language Learner immigrant & refugee… Read more »

Rejecting the senior discount

By David Lee and Clare Ling A faint scent of citrus wafts through Hanul Family Alliance in Albany Park, where orange slices are being passed around to awaiting seniors who have finished their Miyeokguk–a traditional Korean seaweed soup. In one corner, a huddle of older men flip through Korean newspapers and try to fend off… Read more »

Moral Mondays Illinois comes to the North Side

by David Lee, Community Journalism Intern As the increasing tension of Illinois’ budget impasse hurts our communities, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago supports clergy and community members protesting the ethics behind the looming cuts during Moral Mondays Illinois. ONE Northside and Fair Economy Illinois led more than 200 people marching through Uptown. Speakers and… Read more »