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Asian Americans Advancing Justice Condemns Plans to Ban Those Seeking Asylum

We strongly condemn the President’s plan to deploy the military to block people from seeking asylum at our southern border and detain children and families in tent cities. These are families and adults fleeing violence and extreme poverty who deserve a chance to live safely.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation an affront to our communities

The Senate’s approval of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh is an affront to the impartial judicial system that protects the civil and human rights of individuals as well as our belief that everyone has a right to live free from violence.

Advancing Justice outraged at new proposal attacking immigrant families

This is a wide-reaching and incredibly depraved attack from the Trump Administration on our families. This proposed rule could discourage families from accessing the basic assistance they need in order to survive in our communities. More than 1.5 million Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) immigrants are in families that use public benefits to feed and sustain their families.